We use our design and construction skills and experience to help you to realise your dreams.

At NMA we’re set up to provide services for any size of project including small alterations and minor building works like removing a wall or fitting patio doors. So please don’t be concerned that you’ll be wasting our time with an enquiry.

We’re more than happy to talk your ideas through with you on a “no obligation” basis.

At NMA we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a cost effective service with fees for minor works starting in the low hundreds of pounds.

We have an obligation to confirm our fees up-front and these will be broken down into the stages of work so that you can see what you will be charged and when.

Our service typically runs from the start of your project until completion and includes preparation of designs and construction information, applying for local authority consents, obtaining quotations for the building works, administering the building contract and inspecting works on site.

As you can imagine, this is potentially a complex process requiring great skill, care and experience. And you can ask us to do as little or as much of our “full” service as you need.

We’re chartered architects. The title “architect” is protected in law and can be used only by those who are suitably qualified (usually after 7 years full time study).

Some firms (run by those without such qualifications) call themselves “architectural services”, “design services” or something similar as they aren’t allowed to use the word “architect” in their title.

All genuine architects are registered with the Architects Registration Board. View the ARB logo at the bottom of our website.

Would you want to risk the safety and security of your greatest asset by leaving your project to people who aren’t suitably qualified?

As registered architects, we are under a duty placed on us by our professional bodies to act in your best interests only. This means that we aren’t allowed, for instance, to take hidden inducements from contractors or suppliers for referring them your work to supplement our fees (which can cost you more money).

We are also under a professional obligation to carry the requisite insurances and to act with a high level of skill and care in carrying out your project.

We firmly believe that our design and construction training and careful space planning can save you unnecessary costs through value engineering and efficiency.

We treat each project as unique and believe that all projects, however small, benefit from the high levels of design input we are able to provide. After all, you want your project to be special. And so do we.

Just contact us by phone, click here to complete our contact form, or pop in!

We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and give you some initial advice without charging a fee.