The Site
Originally the site formed part of the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery which closed in 1997. Since its closure, the premises have been operated as a production and storage facility for fish protein and fish oil products. The Greenock plant provides an important revenue stream for Pelagia and a valuable facility to the Scottish fish farming industry at large.

Compared to Pelagia (UK) Ltd’s other facilities, the site was run down and outdated. The built infrastructure of the plant consisted of a process building, a storage building and offices which were accommodated within a temporary building. All buildings suffered from a lack of investment in the years before Pelagia (UK) Ltd’s full ownership of the site.

Client’s Brief
To modernise and upgrade the complete facility including modernising all existing buildings and forming housing for new equipment.

The Scheme
The scheme is split into 4 separate areas of work and includes:

  1. West yard works which included a new bund, evaporator housing, LV switch room and transformer housing complete with new concrete yard surface.
  2. Meal store which involves removing the cladding and portal frames from the existing building and constructing a new portal frame structure complete with new cladding and vehicle access.
  3. Process building upgrades including replacement cladding, roofing and flooring. Extension to form additional workshop space and office accommodation. The addition of a mezzanine and office facilities within the existing factory.
  4. East yard works which included a new bund, new slab for equipment, drainage repairs and concrete surface repairs.