The Site
Originally the site formed part of the Tate & Lyle sugar refinery which closed in 1997. Since its closure, the premises have been operated as a production and storage facility for fish protein and fish oil products. The Greenock plant provides an important revenue stream for Pelagia and a valuable facility to the Scottish fish farming industry at large.

The existing offices were accommodated within a small temporary building and the welfare facility was run down and too small for the workforce.

Client’s Brief
To create a modern office facility complete with a welfare facility.

The Scheme
The detached office and welfare facility spans over two stories and is positioned on the eastern part of the site complete with a new parking facility. The contemporary structure integrates red brick, harmonizing with the architectural style of the original Tate & Lyle building. It also features standing seam zinc cladding and roofing. The entrance foyer is adorned with two-story glass panels and modern lighting, leading to a break-out area on the upper floor that offers panoramic views of the River Clyde.